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But What If You Die? by Adam Lenson

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A multi-camera digital version of the new solo show from Adam Lenson and Camden People's Theatre

On March 2019 you are diagnosed with cancer. It starts from one tiny mole on your back

On day 7 you have 3 hours of scans to see if it might have spread to other parts of your body

On day 28 you have surgery to remove some infected lymph nodes

On day 62 you begin a year-long course of chemotherapy tablets

On day minus 4,265 YOU tell YOUR DIRECTOR OF STUDIES You don’t want to study medicine any more

On day 42 the oncologist asks why you know so much about cancer. You tell him you were nearly a doctor

But What If You Die? is a solo show about what you learn when you’re faced with your mortality just when it feels like you’re getting started.

The first solo show by Adam Lenson, developed as part of Camden People’s Theatre Starting Blocks residency, moves from Fleetwood Mac to Tetris, from lecture halls to CT scanners, through parallel universes and back and forward in time, all while asking: why are we here and how can we live more meaningfully?

Following two acclaimed work in progress stagings, this run marks the piece's first full production.